My name is Daren Scot Wilson and I usually describe myself as an “artist/physicist” active in electronics, scientific image processing, 3D computer graphics, software development, photography and audio and video production.

My BS in Physics is from Oakland University.  I studied in the PhD programs at Indiana University and Colorado State University.  I left before doing a thesis, having decided that an academic science career wasn’t for me.

Sure, I love fundamental research, and university campuses are great places for reading and thinking and writing and collaborating with other researchers.  I prefer to exercise my imagination in more artistic ways, to explain things in science more than actually do the science, and use my visual arts skills in doing that explaining.  Making, using and improving scientific instruments fascinates me more than the science deriving from the data, although the science, especially in astronomy, particle physics and molecular biology is indeed fascinating.   I especially like to accomplish something tangible every day – to have designed or built an electronics apparatus, written a great answer to a question, fixed something, finished a painting or 3D animation – while scientific research often involves many days of contemplation and struggle, patiently gathering bits of data, with little day to day satisfaction.  So my career is mostly about the electronics and software systems necessary for scientists and engineers to do their work.

I have been an electronics lab instructor, assistant director at a PBS TV station, saved one of the major car manufacturers a ton of money by getting expensive data acquisition equipment to actually run, collaborated with some world-class brain surgeons on 3D rendering of CT scan data, solved calibration problems and enhanced images for the Cassini mission, wrote a CAD app for estimating metal roofing projects, fixed bugs in CASA which is the main software tool used by astronomers at the VLA and ALMA, and am teaching the cat how to do my work for me.   Regrettably, this latter endeavor has been a total failure.

My personal website is at http://www.darenscotwilson.com/ and is always “under construction”


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