Who should go to a March for Science?

Who should go to a Science March this Saturday?
* Scientists
* Former scientists
* Future scientists
* Spouses, sons and daughters, siblings, cousins, friends, neighbors, coworkers of scientists
* Anyone who ever has, or ever will, travel anywhere, near or far, by other than walking or horseback.
* Farmers, pilots, surfers, event planners, picnic goers, golfers, and anyone else who cares about accurate weather forecasts.
* Doctors, medical technicians, nurses, pharmacists and anyone else who uses science for medical diagnosis and treatment.
* Anyone who has ever had surgery, or will ever need surgery in the future.
* Anyone living near a volcano – is it safe? Maybe it’s okay at least for now?
* Same goes for earthquake areas, flood prone areas, tornado prone areas, and all areas subject to any other natural hazard.
* Anyone who likes elephants, or kangaroos, or dolphins, or sloths, or palm trees, or tardigrades, or orchids, or dung beetles, or… any other of the millions of species of living things on our planet.
* Anyone who enjoys taking a deep breath outdoors, inhaling fresh clean air, free of smoke, smog, toxins.
* Anyone who wonders if we can energize all our favorite appliances, vehicles, industrial processes, communications and computing devices, lights, indoor warmth, cooking, and more by inexpensive, efficient, clean means.
* Want the color of the plastic parts to match the metal parts of your car? Color Science, dude!
* Anyone reading this on Facebook (or wherever online) – you’re using amazing technology made by engineers, who depend on scientific knowledge. Liquid crystals are amazing!
(This list is far from complete.)

I’ll be at the one in Portland, Saturday the 22nd.


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