LIGO Announces 2nd Gravitation Wave Observation

This is great news for physicists!  As I started to drive home from work today, I heard this on NPR.   LIGO, the pair of mile-long L-shaped super-sensitive interferometers in Washington and Louisiana, picked up data last December looking a lot like a black hole collision.  Everyone by now has heard the announcement last February, of a signal picked up last September, indicating black holes of masses of about 29 and 36 solar masses.  Now there’s this collision, with masses about 8 and 14 solar masses.

Of course, it has been turned into audio.  The version I heard on the radio sounded very much like something watery or airy being suddenly sucked up, or  falling into a hole (of course.)   The audio at  uses the same data, but it doesn’t sound the same to me, but then, my car’s audio and my home computer’s audio aren’t the same.

The main news story from LIGO: